ALICANTE-The Montessori method for primary and its application in the school

Montessori method and its application in the school

In this course we will learn about the most important events in the life of Maria Montessori and the characteristics of her scientific method. We will go into the evolutionary development of the child and how to promote his or her needs and tendencies, and we will find out how to put into practice the teachings of Maria Montessori in the public school.

This course is aimed at teachers of primary levels and backgrounds – 3 to 6 years old- who are interested in learning about another way of educating children, the future men and women of tomorrow, to achieve their full potential. The most important thing is to find inner motivation.


The working style will be theoretical-practical and attendants will take part individually, in pairs or small groups.
– Leisure and motivational activities will be carried out to integrate what has been learned.
– There will be debates, simulations and exhibitions that will enrich our personal work.
– We will visit a Montessori school to experience the Montessori environment on-site.
– Attendants will always have our support and we will be at their disposal for any questions or suggestions.

By the end of the course, the company will give participants a certificate of attendance which includes detailed information about the course, such as title, programme and timetable. In addition, a Europass mobility certificate can be added on request.


One of the main goals of this course is to broaden the view at an educational level and to shake the awareness in order to contribute to a different sort of education.

Another objective is to observe the shortcomings of the current education system and to be able to solve them, as far as possible, with small and/or big changes.

Another key aspect is to know that the transformation of education starts with the transformation of oneself so this adventure is not possible without a personal work.

Specific objetives


10 - 14 Oct 2022


09:00 - 14:00

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